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Persuader ”One Lifetime”


As a matter of fact Persuader one of my favorites when it comes to newcomers in the field of power metal. And, finally they have returned after years of silence with brand new effort which is going to be published in the very beginning of the upcoming year (Inner Wound Recordings). Brand new offering is entitled ”The Fiction Maze” and it could proudly stands alongside with their previous three recordings.

Persuader is about to release 4th studio album so please could you tell us something concerning your upcoming record for Inner Wound. 

Hello there! As you said it is our 4th album which has taken quite some time to finish but I think it has been worth the wait. We´ve managed to put together a mix of our previous albums, added some new elements and Ronnies mix fits perfectly for the album.

The forthcoming release is entitled ”The Fiction Maze”. Could you compare your upcoming recordings with your previous albums? Could we say that ”The Fiction Maze” is a natural step in the sound evolution of the band? 

Yeah as I said previously, it´s some sort of a mix of the previous albums, but of course with new elements as well. It´s also a bit funny that because of the 7 years since last time, our writing and inspiration has changed quite a bit as well wich makes the album more diverse I think.

Where did you record the new issue and who was the producer? 

We recorded rhythm guitars at Ronnie Björnströms studio who also did the mix, but the rest were recorded by ourselves at our humble studio.

Do you have any tracks from the new album that could be label as the most representative tracks that will be included on the upcoming record? 

Hmm… hard question! I think my personal favorites would be Son of Sodom and the title track The Fiction Maze. One shows the more heavy side of the band and the other more the fast and thrashy side of the band.

What could you say us concerning the lyrical background when it comes to ”The Fiction Maze”? What would you like to express with the music and the lyrics on the new record? 

We have the same strategy as with earlier albums concerning the lyrics. We take a lot of experiences and ordinary life happenings, but write about it in a more concealed way that will not be too apparent to other people what they actually are about.

So far you have issued 4 albums (including brand new one) so which album was the most important and most mature among these four titles? 

I think we stepped up to the plate on When Eden Burns which I think is our most complete album (not counting the new one) and the album which I think got the best reviews. It was a big step up in both production and songwriting to us and we think and hope that we have yet again taken a step forward with The Fiction Maze. The Fiction Maze probably is a bit rawer than WEB which wasn´t deliberate, it´s just the way it turned out.

Do you share my opinion that persuader has such quality to offer, but yet you missing greater promotion while the band is well-rated at the metal scene…? 

Yeah, I agree. We´ve had a lot of “bad luck” with the labels in the past not really wanting to push the band and in a way I think that is one factor why it has taken so long to complete the new album. We were quite fed up with always arguing with the label and trying to get some back-up. Now, we have a new label (Inner Wound) and so far I think everything is working out great!!

Do you prepare for the tour dates if you plan to have any when it comes to promotion of the forthcoming offering? Lack of tour shows is really a problem when it comes to Persuader, do you agree? 

For sure, we haven´t played anywhere outside Sweden for as long as I´ve been in the band. We are working on some plans for the future but we are only starting to check out different booking agents so far. Hopefully we can get out on the road this time around and show people that we are also a good live act, rather than just enjoyable on CD.

I would like to thank you for the interview. I wish you all the best in future career! 

Thank You for the interest! Cheers!!!

Answers by Emil Norberg 

Interview was done by Marko Miranović


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